India has always worshipped Nature. The great Rishis of the Vedic period. Expressed their love and respect for Nature on the pages of Vedas. The worshipped nature as a life-form. A similar approach was adopted towards the motherland. The Earth has been worshipped as mother and humans collectively were categorized as nation. This noble sentiment of Rishis was also reflected in the depiction of our Nation Bharat as a mother figure-‘Bharat Mata’ numerous scholars, writer and thinkers have displayed respect towards our land as motherland. The immortal phrase ‘Vande Mataram’ reflects this great emotion and it become the most inspiring slogan of the nationalists.
In the post-independence period the government has tried to use the fear of law to generate respect towards the country, but in the absence of religious feeling .the so-called government effort to create national sentiment, has become just a joke or drama. Leaders unfurl the national flag chanting ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’ and later indulge in corruption by collecting commission. Committing any act against the country has been legally declared a crime, but due to lack of religious sentiment, it won’t be categorized a sin.
When we undertake fast, we observe the religious rituals associated with fast, faithfully. We love as well as fear goddess Durga, but we do not possess similar sentiment towards Bharat Mata. We consider ‘corruption a crime, but not a sin. We are unable to consider ‘patriotism’ as a pious act.
BHARAT BHAKTI SANTHAN is a national campaign to arouse patriotic feelings and generate a sense of religious respect towards all elements associated with our motherland- punya bhoomi Bharat.
A multifaceted genius in various fine arts-Baba Satyanarayan Maurya and his talented companions made a collective nationalistic effort, and BHARAT BHAKTI SANTHAN is its pleasant result. It has been constituted as a Trust, but has not been given the form of an organization so far. BABA Satyanarayan Maurya has been moving from village to village, city too city both in India and abroad – to present nationalistic issues in an artistic mode in order to generate patriotic feelings and sense of respect towards our ancestors and our great cultural heritage.
The main task of BHARAT BHAKTI SANTHAN is to prepare picture series on various national issues, and organize nationalistic cultural programs. It also cooperates actively with many other organizations busy in the noble task of spreading nationalistic awareness. Thus, BHARAT BHAKTI SANTHAN is dedicated to the noble mission of acting as a catalyst for the spread of nationalistic values. singer and a painter. Let us explore his different facets.